Our service for you!

Our "full service" for you!

  • Sehr komplexe langjährige Erfahrung als Dynamic Consulting Agentur mit Schwerpunkten im Coaching- & Training / Fortbildungssektor  und Krisenmanagement mit besten Referenzen.
  • Personal processing by just one contact person: Your project will be looked after by "only" one competent contact person, from the initial inquiry to on-site project support.
  • As a "direct producer" our work includes our own staff and own equipment. We always record exactly what we can really guarantee you. We draw on plentiful resources for you - even at short notice!
  • Wir verfügen über zahlreiche erstklassige Hotel- & Locationpartner weltweit. Uns sind die Veranstaltungsgebiete bestens bekannt. Für Ihre Veranstaltung haben wir garantiert Ihr passendes Programm, die maßgeschneiderte Krisenintervention sowie das geeignete Interventionspaket, gerne auch mit passender Location parat. Mit Ihnen erobern unser Experten auch neue Gebiete auf inhaltlicher sowie auf praktischer Ebene und prüfen diese „auf Herz und Niere“.
  • Unlimited reliability, outstanding creativity and high flexibility in the implementation of your special customer requests are a matter of course for us.

Eines unserer starken Standbeine ist der Bereich Coaching/ Consulting/ betriebswirtschaftliche und strategische Ausrichtung von Großprojekten und Unternehmen im Wandlungsprozess sowie dazu passende Aus-, Fortbildungs- und Fördermaßnahmen und Coaching-Führungskraft-Ausbildungsgänge (früher über das MaCoMo-Institut GBR). Wir sind stolz auf erstklassige Referenzen sowohl im Business- als auch im Privatsektor, die höchste Methodenkompetenz und große Erfahrung belegen. Und über 7000 in den letzten 30 Jahren ausgebildete erfolgreiche Coaches/ Führungskräfte und Business-Coaches sprechen für sich.

Further good reasons for working with us

  1. We guarantee you our professional partnership. For us, this means greatest reliability, flexibility at the highest level and responsible loyalty.
  2. Our customers attest to the highest quality. With Sommer Foundation you let the best experts work for you in all contexts of our profound range of offers. That is what we guarantee you!
  3. This is precisely why our training concepts, coaching process work, event modules and event concepts have been copied by competitors for decades. This is also an incentive for us to constantly develop new, effective methods and training modules and also to continuously optimize proven ideas and concepts. Ultimately, this is exactly what you want. With us you find enhanced development instead of stagnation.
  4. We do not rest on our success. We stay on the ball and are always in the process of developing new, innovative things for you as a commercial enterprise, clinic, public institution, specialist agency and committed private person.
  5. Trainer appearance:

We stand for a great experience and the highest quality. It is easy for us to spread optimism, security, good humour and sustainability when dealing with all our different customers/characters.

With their uncomplicated, well-founded and open nature, our trainers offer you the basis for your successful event.

  1. Our events are tax-deductible in the context of content-related training courses and seminars.
  2. You can find our references here. If you would like to find out more about us from national and international companies with whom we have been working continuously and successfully for a long time, we will be happy to refer you to them.

We carry out offers in German, French, Spanish and English.

So, what can we do for you? We look forward to your contacting us!

Our strengths

Dynamic Events / Teambuilding / Ausbildungen / Coaching / Supervision Highlights & Co

We create emotional brand and product, learning and experience worlds:

We design and produce events, team buildings or series of seminars for you as creative implementations of your strategic specifications. We address the mind, taste and heart equally and anchor your messages sustainably. A unique experience of senses that remains! We guarantee a lasting depth, be it in the event, in the training context and also during a series of lectures and highlights of your choice. We stand for bricolage and make sure that you expand your framework in a fantastic way. We warmly invite you to do so! We are creative, innovative and different.

Management of participants

A successful event starts with the perfect invitation: We will be happy to organize the entire invitation management for you. We ensure that you no longer have any questions and that you can arrive carefreely. Our service includes everything from the creation of a concept, implementation including follow-up support to personal telephone service. We are there for you in all of our divisions.

Location & Destination Management

We bring the world's peculiarities into your house. We will find the right location, the right hotel, the right programme and the right local partner for you all over the world. We are also your partner in Germany if you want to enjoy a special atmosphere here. We have a large potpourri of exclusive trainers, event material and enjoy valuable synergies with actors, variety artists and other artists as well as circus worlds.

Advertising materials

Small gifts with a great impact: We develop individual advertising materials for you to ensure customer loyalty and get you your individual gift, which will remind you of the unforgettable time for a long time.

What else is Sommer-Foundation

We deeply think things through for you. We always analyze ourselves critically and lovingly so that we can constantly develop positively. We act as planners and decision-makers for you if you want us to! We organize the entire package for you!

We accompany you from start to finish in advisory capacity in all contexts relevant to you, for example:

  • What exactly does your team / your company need? (Implementation of a dynamic event concept, dynamic incentive concept, coaching team building concept or also seminar-workshop series)
  • Which locations (event, in- and outdoor) are appropriate for your concept?
  • We create scripts, schedules and customized equipment lists for you so that you are well-positioned in every situation.
  • What is appropriate for you: a dynamic incentive, a teambuilding, training or further education?
  • Is it a series of seminars, systemic coaching, change management support?
  • Which outdoor and/or indoor modules fit? Is it more of an event with dragon boat races, a fixed robe climbing route? Do you prefer a raft trip on a giant raft you've built before or a high ropes course? Or is it the construction of a giant bridge made of natural materials or a Lego brick city.
  • Or maybe you also need a mix of everything?
  • What is your budget and what exactly matches this budget? We are happy to support you in this process and organize an unforgettable time for you with your company, team or group - regardless of your budget.
  • We are also happy to accompany you over a long period until your desired concept is perfectly realized. Be it for large groups, corporate events, dynamic events, sport events, competitions, dynamic incentives, seminar series, lecture series, indoor and outdoor team building, mixed events as well as training and further education for you and your company.
  • We coordinate vehicle fleets, create a script and combine ideas into a new concept.

Perfect timing is just as fundamental for all event forms, indoor and outdoor, as is constant process control.
We develop detailed schedules for your events and reliably merge the work of each and everyone involved. You benefit from our well-established network of experts. Photo documentation of your event is just as natural for us as a detailed reflection of your event.

Our service in the event sector

  • Kick-Off-Events/Opening ceremonies
  • Presentation support
  • Mixed concepts such as presentation and coaching support
  • Conference management
  • All-around event organization of major events (e.g. congresses, trade fairs, business dinners, networking events)
  • Dynamic Incentive trips
  • Process coaching trips
  • Health and wellness offers
  • In- and outdoor events
  • Seminar further eductation events / trips
  • Zertifizierte Aus- und Fortbildungen
  • Begleitung von Meetings/Vorstandstreffen
  • Eventmanagement von Trade Shows/Produktneueinführungen
  • Eventmanagement von Award Shows/Preisverleihungen
  • VIP-Events
  • Executive Retreats
  • Private Veranstaltungen
  • Corporate Events
  • Dynamic Teambuildings und Dynamic Events
  • Motivational events and power workshops
  • Conferences, congresses, seminars and workshops
  • Interactive supporting programmes
  • Dynamic incentives of all kind: as summer or winter concept, in- and outdoor
  • Theme parties
  • Circus shows
  • Variety shows
  • Shows & Entertainment
  • Betriebsfest & Jubiläen
  • Weihnachtsfeiern, Betriebs- & Firmenfeste
  • Consumer events
  • Public and social events
  • Presentations and artificial productions/reenactments
  • Creative events such as action painting
  • Fun- & Sport-Events
  • Promotions and roadshows

Training, further education, coaching

We offer a profound, process-oriented coaching area and provide multiple certified training and further education series. Starting with the process-oriented indoor and outdoor adventure educator (IHK certification and DGMC certification), through the systemic NLP practitioner, NLP Master and NLP trainer, to the systemic EPW-Outdoor Coach® (DGMC / Society of NLP). We have been offering certified coaching training for 25 years and are constantly developing. Your professional and personal development is important to us. You are given versatile options for personal and corporate development!

3D indoor and outdoor coaching for teams and executives:

We work with the help of a wide variety of methods that transport topics, concerns and also projects for you in a 3D format. This means that we make the invisible visible for you. Thus, you can transform theory into tangible practice in a vivid, transparent and interactive way. Purely fictional things become tangible and can be "modelled and changed" in every phase. With the EPW coaching principle® Kathrin Mitzner and Frauke Sommer have developed a highly intelligent method to strengthen your potential, expand resources and to transport growth impulses directly into the (management) team and the existing system.

Target-oriented, effective coaching support in the following areas:

Vivid team spirit leads to success:

Networking employees with each other in such a way that strong mentoring teams emerge who support one another. Team passion and team engagement are just two of the positive consequences of this growth process in your company.

Learning how to look ahead:

Promote your team in such a way that the decision-makers in the team are able to anticipate inhibitory movements and to immediately divert destructive patterns. Support your team in leading responsibly and making forward-looking decisions.

Your company as one!

A trustful and appreciative working atmosphere, the permission to explore projects together and the elaborate division of roles in the system make your company appear "concentrated" on the outside. A "powerful corporate breath" is one of the consequences.

Taking advantage of a constant change of perspectives:

The modern form of corporate growth is bricolage: Put together what seems to be inappropriate and thereby make the breakthrough.

Interface analysis:

With an innovative combination of analysis tools from the indoor and outdoor area, we are able to methodically analyze existing and still missing interfaces and develop them further.

Having fun at work as an essential criterion for a good work-life balance:

We make sure to always revive the fun in everyday life. The trick is to design daily routine in such a way that the reorientation in the implementation brings only one thing: "fun!"

Team development at its best:

Our process-oriented EPW coaching principle supports a performance-oriented as well as a completely self-contained team, which connects delicately to your strengths and your still developable potential.

Sustainable long-term strategies:

Each member of your team can implement sustainability and the development of increasingly sophisticated strategies, which generates continuous company growth - even in turbulent times.

"We are one"-concepts:

A "team breath" brings to light everything that supports a company at all levels.

Deep trust promotes internal and external growth:

A change of perspective is like the fuel in the engine. Everything belongs together and conditions as well as increases itself. Building trust is one of the biggest growth generators in the company and one of the foundations of our concepts.

Target work / working on values / agreements:

Beliefs, values and target work create a "multi-layered communication system" that intelligently connects. Immerse yourself with your employees in a creative process that lets everyone feel your company values holistically.

Create flow experiences - inspire and implement:

Integrate employees in such a way that they address themselves to their tasks with enthusiasm and hard work. This is the basic requirement for self-potentiating flow experiences in your company.

Coaching of the management team with a focus on operational and strategic approach as well as visualization, implementation and support of projects:

Coaching of global project teams in matrix versus line structures

Successful working on projects requires all parties involved (employees, other executives, management) to create the basis for motivated, committed and effective teamwork.

    • Increase in performance through consistently accepting one's responsibility with the associated satisfaction of employees
    • Powerful analysis of your attitude in terms of being a role model to your employees / staying true to yourself and your personality
    • Interactive and group dynamic aspects
    • Complex competence analysis: who belongs where
    • Consciously conducting employee appraisals: rapport and empathy are the "basic ingredients" of a healthy bond between management and employees
    • Motivational psychology and its complex facets
    • Self-management means, amongst others, a healthy stress and time management
    • Understanding, recognizing and meeting needs individually is the basis for individual motivation
    • Learning to lead change: It is not change that leads me, but I lead it
    • Manipulation perception patterns and the external effect, navigation according to the law of resonance and dissonance
    • Catalogue of measures to successfully managing teams and project groups
    • Managing knowledge promotes your company's efficiency
    • Working on organization and organization charts: matrix versus line structures
    • Managing heterogeneous and homogeneous teams
    • Interactive and group dynamic aspects
    • Moderation techniques and script writing for varied meetings

Discover and implement team strategies:

Working on goals and strategies as a basic requirement for achieving global and interim goals. First focus on your main goals in order to strategically focus on success with intermediate steps. Recognize and strengthen the manageable roles in your team.

Recognize, expand and redefine boundaries:

Boundaries are purely a matter of definition, and the team can overcome limits flexibly and playfully. When is which limit beneficial and when does it become a knock-out situation. Dynamics of limits - an exciting approach.

You have not found the right thing yet?

Our team of experts will be happy to help and advise you.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us!