DGMC – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mediations-Coaching (German Society for Mediation Coaching)

The German Society for Mediation Coaching - DGMC, based in Berlin, was founded in 2006 as an independent holding company for companies, institutions and people that operate in the context of corporate coaching and mediation services in the business sector. The primary goal of the DGMC is to guarantee a uniformly high quality of seminars, training courses and other services in the above-mentioned context, using structured QM-measures.

The DGMC is a dynamic company, mainly organizing and accompanying overall training. The platform primarily networks providers of holistic approaches and is synonymous with performance optimization and quality. The essential aspects are the networking of different approaches and the expansion and further development of methods, focussing on promoting growth without thinning out or frittering. Thus, the company consistently implements standardized systems of continuous professional training for mediators, coaches, trainers and other professionals. Members of the DGMC are training and coaching institutes, trainers, mediators, coaches and supervisors.

More information about DGMC can be found at www.dgmcoaching.de