Dynamic, innovative change management for companies

Dynamic, innovative change management for companies

Frauke Sommer and her team have been accompanying international companies very successfully in challenging situations for years. We support you energetically and with the highest level of commitment and great professionality in all crises and challenges. For many companies, constant change is the greatest challenge. They very often cling to what appears to be secure, which leads to many immeasurably increasing errors. If the necessary change processes fail to materialise, a company very quickly faces difficulties with potentially negative domino effects. According to the EPW-Coaching Principle®, the change management specifically addresses the respective situation of the company and creates highly individual solution packages. The focus lies on a current, goal-oriented and solution-oriented approach. We consider the soft and hard factors equally. Decades of practice and the great success of this approach confirm that if we strengthen the soft factors, the profit of the company quadruples. 

Our holistic approach is based on the following principles:

  • Analysing all hard and soft factors
  • Creating a strength-error balance
  • Developing a customised transformation plan
  • Diverting all disturbances

Possible measures:

  • Implementation of process-dynamic workshops and training in the first phase for CEOs and all managers focussing on dynamic handling of the crisis,
  • Process-dynamic workshops and training in the second phase for employees, with the focus on the dynamic handling of a crisis,
  • Implementation of different practices that show the dynamics of the company with the help of indoor and outdoor parts and immediately convert disruptions into solution-oriented, highly efficient behaviour. The tasks can only be implemented with strengthening behaviours required for the situation, 
  • Technical audits,
  • Lesson learned,
  • Audits,
  • Tracking processes of essential change packages,
  • Accompanying shifts and
  • Operations/productions/departments/projects on challenging escalation levels,
  • Preventing (new) escalation levels,
  • Creation of customized crisis intervention lists/checklists,
  • Tracking of all processes,
  • Revision and removal of friction losses in the areas of process, structure, processing measures and open items,
  • Process-dynamic support for reorganizational processes,
  • Nourishing and close monitoring and accompanying of desired and necessary change processes,
  • Close coaching support for key figures in the change process,
  • Close cooperation with the works council,
  • De-escalation trainings,
  • Implementation of specialist training and communication training,
  • Training of CEOs and all other managers,
  • Help with self-employment,
  • Profiling,
  • Support in the positioning of teams and in filling key positions,
  • Discussing all necessary packages of measures

Our team is diverse:

  • Process-dynamic corporate consultants,
  • Lean manager,
  • Interim engineers,
  • Business economists,
  • Specialist trainer,
  • Therapist/Psychologist,
  • Consultants for organization and structure,
  • Expert advisors depending on the focus,
  • Facilitators

We would be happy to advise you personally and make an individual offer for you. Please call us!

Appropriate for:

  • all crisis and projects in companies.
  • existentially threatened companies.
  • all kinds of stagnation processes.
  • bullying and trench warfare of all kinds.
  • teams, projects, companies with manifested or looming disruptions that dominate the process.
  • companies and teams that have lost their balance.
  • disorders such as high fluctuation, paralysis, large sick leave, addictions, etc.
  • companies before, during and after a merger.
  • innovative, creative companies aiming to position themselves holistically, safely and flexibly, now or in the future.
  • companies, projects and teams wanting to pass challenging work situations successfully and powerfully.
  • companies aiming to reposition themselves successfully without falling into traps.
  • all those who only want to make mistakes once and learn from them.
  • all industries that are in need of change.
  • start-ups and other companies wanting to use artistic niches for themselves.


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