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Innovative change management

Leadership Training, Leadership Coaching, Leadership Education

  • Expands your horizon to see the essentials

    without losing the details

  • Leadership-Training

    which focusses and creates intelligent networking

  • Leadership skills

    appear from an enormously expanded perspective

  • Brings together everything

    that belongs together

  • Interface analysis

    without friction losses

  • Executive coaching

    at a high level

  • With the help of indoor and outdoor event modules,

    it shows, what is there and what can be developed further.

  • Helps you keep the strings

    without burning your hands.

Advantages for your leadership training, coaching or education

Anyone who works in management knows that the higher the position, the thinner the air often appears - just like mountain climbing and flying. However, this can have serious consequences for the management team. We create free spaces through targeted changes of perspective and role analysis.

Space for reflection and increased efficiency without having your fingers burnt.
Space for creating relief systems through, for example, targeted mentoring programmes.
Space for investment in your corporate structure, your cooperation and your vision. All of which are powerful and offer opportunities for your employees to identify with. Your experienced trainer, system coach and management consultant will inevitably show you new perspectives and advise you in a future-oriented and solution-oriented manner. Above all, they will not lose themselves in the side scenes.

Ihr Experte führt Sie zielsicher zum Kernproblem, um dieses in einen ressourcenorientierten Maßnahmenkatalog umzuwandeln. Diesen können Sie nun alltagsnah, schrittweise und lösungsorientiert umsetzen. Unser Expertenteam, das heißt Ihr Coach, Ausbilder, Trainer oder Prozess-Berater ist seit vielen Jahren spezialisiert in der Coaching-Begleitung und Beratung sowie Ausbildung jeglicher Management-Teams bis hin zur Geschäftsführung. Es fokussiert sich auf die erfolgreiche Umlenkungen vorhandener Störungen und Unternehmensherausforderungen. Ferner bildet es Sie und Ihre Führungskräfte gezielt aus, damit diese effizient und zielgerichtet Ihr Unternehmen von innen stärken können. Vereinbaren Sie gerne mit uns ein erstes Sondierungsgespräch.

Pause for a moment and look at things from “inside” (company level) and from “outside” (meta-level) in a variety of ways, with the highly effective combination of event modules, great fun and a variety of content-related methods.

We often change perspectives with you and show you your current situation with a smart mix of team development modules and sustainable content models. Together, we work out your target status and lead your management team through any shortage. We are proud of a large, individual pool of offers.

Feel free to ask! Our team of experts is well-trained and has been working successfully for decades.

Frauke Sommer, as an extremely experienced senior coach, and her team of experts will guide you through any shortage to your solution-oriented vision - regardless of the context, adventurous and with a lot of humour.

Our answer to demanding leadership and management questions is the EPW coaching principle ® , which has been developed by Kathrin Mitzner and Frauke Sommer over years of collaboration. Based on systemic advice and innovative in- and outdoor event modules, the leadership training is designed in a versatile and creative way. In addition to highly effective moderation techniques, we offer a wide variety of indoor event modules and adventurous outdoor event stations, depending on the process. Thus, our executive coaching expands your scope of action enormously. Look and see.

Process orientation and variety of methods

With all the requirements for indoor and outdoor activities are designed in such a way that every person regardless of their physical fitness and mental state can participate and contribute to the success of the activities. Each participant determines their level of performance. No one will be asked too much of and there is no pressure from the group!

The exercise modules serve exclusively for reflection. They show the strengths and weaknesses of the team and offer forms of exercise within the framework of practising future behavioural structures. We adapt the radius of action to the existing team. Different exercises can be used or omitted.

Our special way of working with people

In all our offers, individuals as such have top priority - not as executives, managers or employees. Performance and career in no way exclude the individual human behind it. This is exactly what makes our work so “special” and “different”. Our demand is not to get people more and more efficient at all costs, but to work with them so that they optimally develop and use their skills.

Success and extraordinary efficiency are only two of the results. Process and dynamic events form a successful and unique symbiosis with us. To guarantee this Frauke Sommer and Kathrin Mitzner have developed EPW-Coaching® (Success-Potential-Growth Coaching®) a dynamic navigation system which, for example, makes it much easier for you to control the most demanding decision-making processes. You are able to develop, discover and test your individual dynamic navigator in fascinating outdoor experience settings.

Primarily used methods

The EPW-Coaching® by Frauke Sommer and Kathrin Mitzneris a psychological combination of methods (including human psychological as well as solution and process-oriented methods) that helps people to communicate more effectively - both in private relationships and in demanding professional contexts. The methods develop the potential of one's own personality to use it most efficiently. The company is strengthened gently and with sustained success.

  • These personality concepts help to understand internal processes and developments in the work context and thus to strengthen the entire company.
  • As communication concepts, they enable you to describe and explain interpersonal communication.
  • The advisory and support concepts help to improve the working atmosphere and efficiency and divert disruptions at an early stage, as well as promoting individual growth.
  • They are growth and motivation generators for the entire company and especially for company management.

Effect diagram

Whether indoor team building as a team fun challenge, whether desert rally in Morocco, climbing Olympics in the Allgäu or off-road trophy in South Africa: we are sure to have the right professional team building offers for you (from small groups up to 1000 people & more).

  • Appropriate personality analysis within the company
  • Relationship analysis (role / function)
  • Constructive group analysis
  • Analysis and constructive control of social systems in companies

The EPW-Coaching® offers models for observing, describing, understanding and nourishing action in the context of human communication. It promotes cooperation. These models support social relationships between individuals and company systems and offer concepts for personality and relationship analysis, group dynamics and group analysis as well as for the analysis and control of social systems.

The accompanying, in-depth process work serves the exact creation of an individual fingerprint of your team and the experience-oriented processing of the corresponding main topics.

Excellent expansion of the "method kit"

Based on the information available, your team coaching will primarily focus on the process level aiming for:

  • Transportation of communication know-how, which considerably expands the competence to act,
  • Integration of personal topic-related questions,
  • Answering the question: How do I skillfully recognize my needs and those of my employees to optimally turn them into strengths?
  • Establish "anchors" / code words in order to activate specialist knowledge, resources and behaviour in the shortest possible time or to divert interference patterns
  • Follow and implement trends professionally,
  • Effortlessness by using sensory activation, and thus an enormous increase in creativity (VAKOG),
  • Training of association skills and available flexibility (Walt Disney principle), this means training of predictable behaviours, e.g. concerning increasing sales figures/efficiency, and early detection of “energy and efficiency robbers” (in all contexts).

We are happy to work on other key topics on the basis of preliminary discussions and the fields arising from the coaching process that then takes place.

Essential features of our work

  • We are empathic, sensitive and consistent without losing face.
  • Practice-outdoor-indoor modules guarantee a clear, open and in-depth analysis of team dynamics as well as present strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our top priorities are reflection and transferability into everyday work!

A compact insight into our understanding of seminars - the following will be the basis of your training unit


A.1 Executives

A.2 Employees 

  • Focussing on structure and communication within the team based on appropriate analysis, leadership, understanding of communication and redirection of "disruptive cultures" in day-to-day business
  • The team motivation, their objectives and personalities are very different.

The expectations of the functionaries or the roles in the team often differ greatly. As part of the management and team analysis, we work directly with the results of the team diagnosis. On this basis, we process the context-dependent main topics.

  • With recognition and appreciation of all individuals and their achievements, a distinct culture of conflict is often insufficient. Thus, people focus on negative situations or "mistakes made". They separate more frequently, isolate themselves and form small groups. As a result, a cold exchange of facts occurs. Furthermore, there are hardly noticeable consequences for not complying with agreements as well as any kind of transgression. We constructively divert all of these disruptive signals in the sense of establishing process-dynamic support.
  • We understand communication as a holistic tool that consciously and unconsciously moves on the factual and relationship level, amongst others.

Friction losses inevitably arise on the various communication levels. In our training, the gentle and humorous diversion of existing interference patterns is the primary goal. The development of a transparent, appreciative and also strengthening culture of discussion is the common thread in our event coaching. 

Your management team will get to know and appreciate each other from all angles. It plays with the existing roles and recognizes its team mosaic. The subsequent outdoor units will be prepared in the best way possible. Thus, together, the team learns to overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

We guarantee you a lively, humorous and interactive process atmosphere!

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