Varied training courses

Varied training courses

E.g. manager as coach

Sommer Foundation-EventCoaching GmbH & Co.KG, formerly Richter & Sommer Trainings und Eventmanagement GmbH & Co.KG, is the platform for our exclusive, high-quality training offers. These enable every customer to acquire precisely the skills, strategies, values ​​and qualities both privately and professionally. All methods can be used regardless of context and so are very well suited for any focus.

Our training team is constantly development training themselves. We have been aiming at brilliantly performing the balancing act between the constant fast pace of our time on the one hand and the demand for a work-life balance on the other hand.

We train you with heart and mind and are connected to a wide variety of process levels. That is exactly what defines us. We transfer our knowledge to the most diverse worlds of needs! Thus, a wide variety of professional groups can enjoy our training series and apply them optimally.

Starting with the training for process-oriented indoor & outdoor experiential educator up to the systemic-innovative EPW-Indoor& Outdoor Coach®.

You can use the registration form (PDF) to sign up directly.

Your options with our training and further education:

  • Training courses as navigators and launch pad for entrepreneurs, specialists, private individuals, doctors, lawyers, psychosocial areas, psychologists, social pedagogues, nursing staff, educators, etc. who strive for new perspectives.
  • For companies wanting to train top specialists to then use them as a resource for themselves.
  • Training courses and, among other things, advanced training for business administration specialists, tax consultants, economics and politics and much more, in order to be optimally positioned in day-to-day business and to acquire profound knowledge in dealing with people.
  • Training for board members, top leadership, executives in order to ideally prepare them for leadership and the implementation of challenging processes.

Bring your specialist knowledge into your professional environment, permanently!

In this context, we offer you three internationally recognized and certified modular training courses that are positive in every sense:

1.The process-oriented indoor & outdoor experiential educator (IHK certification and recognition / DGMC certification and recognition) ®
The close interlinking of theory and practice plays an important role in the training of the Sommer Foundation. Geared towards the internationally highly recognized German dual vocational training or dual study program, the dual system combines theoretical knowledge transfer with practical learning and direct implementation. Learn experiential education in the 2-phase model. We guarantee you the transfer of profound knowledge about people, systems and communication and also the transfer of holistic indoor-outdoor experience modules. It includes everything, from climbing to water events.

This optimal training concept ensures that young professionals also gain practical experience and can focus on the demands of a trainer's everyday life. Use the registration form (PDF) to sign up directly.

2.The efficient and well-founded SUM® (in-house seminars)
The SUM (systemic company mediator) is ideal for in-house trainers and managers. It is 100% aimed at corporate management and focuses on holistic and highly effective conflict management.

3.The certified systemically innovative EPW-OutdoorCoach®
The EPW-outdoor Coach0( Success Potential Growth Outdoor Coach) is an excellent addition to the know-how of private and corporate people with responsibility. In particular, the focus on the essentials and the ability to deal skillfully and creatively with confusing situations and conflicts is trained. Weakness is converted into strength, defence into cooperation and awkwardness into efficiency. The wornout concepts of communication and rhetoric skills acquire a depth that is certainly still hidden from you. The interplay of artfully connected methods makes EPW OutdoorCoaching a powerful coaching tool.

4.The powerful, goal-oriented BTP coach
The Business Turbo PowerCoach is especially interesting for executives. In addition to many other elements of business coaching, it provides in a holistic manner: the most effective tools and the latest know-how of systemic EPW coaching, NLP, motivational training, reflective outdoor coaching and coaching marketing. The training, accompanied by the best experts, focuses on exclusive experience quality and speed. It guarantees profitable growth processes for you and your company. This event takes place in our adventure learning department in South Africa.

All training includes extraordinary indoor and outdoor experiences in the context of exclusively selected event locations, which alone are already a special experience.


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