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    Our philosophy

      For many years, our Sommer Foundation team has been a top service provider for demanding dynamic team building events, dynamic coaching, qualification programs, optimization programs, holistic change management, training courses as well as seminars and workshops.
      In these critical times (including the corona crisis and its possible, existence-threatening consequences), we also constantly face our own optimization processes and, of course, always develop further in our complete offer range. We love to research, design new concepts and expand on existing ones. Flexibility as well as the highest level of commitment “for your goal” is our main goal. We always take different perspectives in order to pass these concepts on to our customers in an optimally adapted manner.

      Personal involvement, entering into a relationship, accepting you completely as a person / company / organization and getting in touch with you and all the needs is one of the foundations for our success. Obstacles of any kind can thus be successfully overcome. We meet you as a person and develop your soft facts and your hard facts in the same breath. Wholeness is one of the keys to sustainability and positive development.

      We have been experiencing increasingly traumatized companies and people for years. Therefore we de-traumatize what leads to manifold ways out of seemingly insoluble conflicts. © 1998

      Our many years of success are due, among other things, to the fact that we are constantly developing and facing the holistic change processes flexibly. Growing means nothing else than continuously and gratefully facing the processes that are pending for the continuous optimization of the company – and that at all levels.

      What we teach and impart also applies to ourselves!

      How it started

      Like every company, the Sommer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co. KG has its very own story.

      Initially, the company enjoyed its successes separately in the form of two sole proprietorships. On the one hand under the name of “MaCoMo Institut GbR“, an expert platform for special team building, education and training as well as process dynamic coaching, seminars and training. On the other hand, under the name of “Jens Richter Trainings“, a platform for outdoor training, events and incentives, linked to a climbing school.

      Richter & Sommer Trainings und Eventmanagement GmbH & Co. KG/strong>” was eventually created after a successful merger of the two individual companies. This was the perfect symbiosis for a long, powerful time ahead. During this time, Richter & Sommer Trainings continued to pursue a determined, successful path that was always aimed at further development. We would hereby like to say thank you for decades of loyal customers, a large inquiry and the very positive feedback culture.

      How it continued

      We have a large number of high-quality location and hotel partners and other committed partners in various areas. This is the basis for powerful synergies. Our large, highly professional pool of experts consists of trained psychologists, social pedagogues, business administration experts, specialist trainers (including sales, organizational consulting, change management, event management), sports trainers, climbing experts and a highly dedicated IT department. These experts professionally implement our adventurous ideas in a revolutionary manner and are therefore a guarantee for extraordinary concepts.

      This profound foundation remains. Only the name of our company changed in 2016 to “Summer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co. KG” after Mr. Jens Richter left.

      Sommer Foundation has thus gone through several productive development stages, has continued to grow powerfully and has earned an outstanding reputation through the constant development and optimization process.

      Richter & Sommer Trainings became Sommer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co. KG

      How it continues

      Now the circle has come full again. Ms Mitzner and Ms Sommer manage the company together again and complement each other completely in their work.

      Introduction of owner Frauke Sommer

      Frauke Sommer has been the owner and CEO of the Sommer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co.KG. Before that, she and Kathrin Mitzner managed the well-known training and coaching institute “MaCoMo-Institut” (Management Coaching Motivation) in Berlin. The MaCoMo-Institute merged with Jens Richter-Trainings, which was later converted to Richter und Sommer Trainings GmbH & Co.KG until it finally became Sommer Foundation -EventCoaching GmbH & Co.KG in 2016.

      Ms Sommer has made a name for herself, among other things, in process-dynamic management consulting, organizational and corporate development as well as support for the most demanding topics in a business context. For decades, she has been coaching and supporting companies and projects in acute, even existentially threatening situations. From revolutionary movements to the threat of bankruptcy in companies, Frauke Sommer and her team of experts use various methods and programs to redirect crises of all kinds.

      She makes her competencies available to national and international top companies, board members and executives. Companies also use Frauke Sommer and her team of experts as support skills in the context of far-reaching, serious decision-making processes.

      Frauke Sommer has continuously developed the company together with Kathrin Mitzner. The Sommer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co. KG has numerous unique selling points.
      Frauke Sommer’s and her team of experts’ mission is:

      • to help challenging complex projects/companies to achieve stability and growth success in acute crisis situations
      • to design change and transformation processes and work with an expert team of lean managers, lawyers, business coaches and much more to successfully guide out of bottlenecks, escalation levels and crisis situations of all kinds in a process-oriented manner
      • to conceptualize, implement and accompany change processes holistically
      • to carry out a 360-degree analysis as well as process coaching training for managers and managing directors, specialist training, audits and profiling
      • to carry out a cultural change in companies successfully
      • to tackle reorganization procedures & realignment of the company, partly in cooperation with synergy partners
      • to develop a large growth repertoire for companies in the most varied of directions
      • to create a strengths and weaknesses analysis for companies and organizations, with the focus on strengthening hard and soft factors in the company
      • to develop innovative, strategic growth guarantees for a wide variety of forms of companies
      • to promote flexible business concepts that push companies through severe crises into profitability
      • to set up and implement tailor-made training and support programs in companies (DGMC certification)

      Unique selling points are ensured in particular by the holistic consulting approaches.
      Frauke Sommer is an expert in:

      • profiling
      • process-dynamic team building / training and coaching
      • communication training and management support
      • handling and execution of process/coaching work, also with international board members or senior management of various group sizes (including large groups)
      • teaching training for trainers, instructors, doctoral students, professors, executives, board members / directors / managers within large companies
      • She is also a co-initiator / founding member / partner of the German Society for MediationsCoaching (DGMC).


      • CEO/owner of the Sommer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co. KG
      • CEO / shareholder / owner of the German Society for MediationsCoaching GmbH – DGMC (currently in the registration process)
      • certified (certf.) Diplomatic Social Education Worker
      • certf. Mediator (DGMC)
      • certf. Systemic Business Supervisor
      • Change Manager
      • Alternative Practitioner in psychotherapy
      • certf. Corporate Facilitator according to Mindell
      • Organizational Consultant
      • certf. Business Communication Teaching Trainer
      • certf. NLP Practitioner / NLP Master / NLP Trainer / certf. NLP teacher (Society of NLP)
      • certf. E.P.W.-Coach®, certf. E.P.W.-Teaching Trainer®
      • certf. Teaching trainer for system positions and organizational structure work
      • certf. Trainer in psychodynamic corporate process work
      • certf. Kinesiology Consultant in bodymind methodology

      Together with Kathrin Mitzner, Frauke Sommer was significantly involved in the method development of the E.P.W.-Coaching ® (over 7,000 successful coaches trained by her speak for themselves). She is known for the most demanding coaching processes even in the toughest team dynamics. Her lectures leave lasting impressions.

      Director Kathrin Mitzner

      Kathrin Mitzner leads and advises Sommer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co.KG again together with Frauke Sommer since 01.02.2020.
      She is also co-initiator, founding member and partner/management of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für MediationsCoaching GmbH – DGMC (currently in the registration process).

      In 1991 Kathrin Mitzner set up the MaCoMo Institut GbR together with Frauke Sommer. In partnership they developed the E.P.W.-process coaching ® in their own individual way. After years of a flourishing, successful and eventful collaboration, the professional paths parted, as Ms Mitzner was and still is active in various crisis interventions for couples, individuals and families. Above all, holistic advice and intensive support for individual, couple, parent and family systems from entrenched, destructive, existence-threatening patterns play a role.

      Her core competences also include bringing highly traumatized people into a resourceful state. Ranging from phobic states to anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety states and acute emotional loss of control. Supporting family systems where a parent or child suffers from the most serious illnesses is also part of Kathrin Mitzner’s everyday work. The focus here is on a solution, process and resource-oriented, holistic advice.

      In addition to management tasks, Kathrin Mitzner advises, coaches and trains technical experts, trainees, trainers and customers from various industries on challenging issues.

      Her quality features include her ability to bring complex issues briefly and concisely to the point from a meta mirror perspective and thus to pinpoint development steps precisely, as she and the customer deeply align the system at hand and accompanies the growth steps in a solution-oriented manner. Ms Mitzner has a very large capacity for empathy and can therefore lovingly re-align people to the resonant system.

      This makes her an expert for:

      • Quality management
      • Certification law
      • Consultation and therapy for systems in crisis (family, couple, individual work)
      • Teaching Trainer for open and closed training groups of technical experts
      • Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and trance inductions
      • Coordination/organization and content structuring of webinars/podcasts/congresses
      • Strategic co-direction of DGMC GmbH (currently in the registration process) and Sommer Foundation – EventCoaching GmbH & Co. KG
      • Creation, conception/implementation of seminars
      • Co-training of innovative team building/dynamic process trainings
      • LaFit body signal work® with individuals, families and couples
      • Stabilization of multi-problem families
      • Development of training and management support
      • Handling and execution of process development and coaching work with challenging topics in the area of trauma, fear, obsessional and psychological dynamics
      • Board/educational support and KJHG/BSHG support of highly endangered family systems
      • Systemic work with traumatized family systems
      • Supervision/consultancy
      • Coaching from certf. Process-Dynamic System Coaches/Teaching Trainers
      • System organization structure work
      • Training / Seminars / DGMC and Society of NLP

      Further quality features of her in-depth analysis and coaching quality include her studies as:

      • Psychologist
      • Qualified Social Education Worker
      • Clinical hypnosis/hypnotherapy according to the Klingenberger Institute for Clinical Hypnosis (KIKH) and Psychotherapy (HP)

      The profound quality acknowledged by her customers is due, among other things, to their additional training as:

      • Certified NLP Practitioner
      • Certified NLP Master
      • Certified System NLP Teaching Trainer (Society of NLP/DGMC)
      • Certified Process-Dynamic System Coach
      • Process-Dynamic Teaching Trainer
      • Certified System Facilitator based on the process-dynamic coaching principle (DGMC)
      • Certified Systemic E.P.W. Coach ®
      • Systemic E.P.W. Teaching Trainer

      Our corporate mission

        Nothing is more enjoyable than making others sustainably successful on the level of work-life balance and satisfaction. Sommer Foundation is an investment that will pay off for you!

        We completely keep our words and promises. We are happy to always accompany your success. You are guaranteed to receive first-class events from us. We do not pass on, we act ourselves.

        Whether it is a coaching academy, lecture series, seminar and advanced training offers, certified training (DGMC, Society of NLP, IHK etc.), certified experiential education (IHK certification), team building, team event, outdoor event or incentive: you speak directly to our experts. They design, organize and carry out your event in a highly professional manner.

        We see ourselves as a direct producer and deliver, as a perfect full-service package, individual events that we’ve tailored to your needs and wishes beforehand. A modular system is waiting for your individual mix.

        We are happy to give you some competent and friendly advice!

        Any questions?

        Our team of experts will be happy to support you.
        If you need more information, we will be happy to help!